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Overnight hikes Vålådalen is very popular as starting point for different mountain hikes. Below you find a list of a few highly recommended options if you wish to both start and end your tour here. The distances refer in kilometres from Vålådalen to each mountain hut.  Stensdalsstugan (14 km) Just by the mountain Lillstensdalsfjället’s characteristic “nose” we find one of the county’s most beautiful mountain huts. The hut is imbedded in the birch forest on 750 m.a.s.l. The river goes just outside the window, and the Sauna gives this place an extra cosy atmosphere. The hut has a total of 50 beds. The track to Stensdalen starts by the track center in Vålådalen and goes mainly through forest. The terrain is easy, the hilliest part is between km 10 and 12. From Stensdalen there are tracks towards Vålåstugorna and Gåsen.  Vålåstugorna (20 km) On the mountains, on the other side of Vålåvalen you find the huts Vålåstugorna where you may enjoy an unbeatable view from the dinner table. The huts are located on 900 m.a.s.l. and offers 50 beds. The track to Vålåstugorna could be divided in two: The first part is easy through birch forest, after some 10 km you walk uphill during 2 km, and once you reached the treeline you may enjoy the remaining 10 km in open mountain landscape. At one point you will find one track exiting towards Stensdalen, while the left track continues in an easy terrain towards Vålåstugorna. From this spot you find trails continuing to Lunndörren, Helags and Gåsen.  Lunndörrsstugan (14 km) The hut Lunndörrstugan is beautifully located by the northern entrance to the mountain passsage Lunndörrspasset. Besides the geological interest of this valley, the passage was also an important path during the Viking age. The little lake by the hut works as a spring and the Sauna is a delight for any frozen mountaineer. On this site, 804 m.a.s.l., 25 beds are offered. From Lunndörren there are trails to Vålåstugorna, Anarisstugan and Tossåsen, the village on the opposite side of Lunndörren.  Anarisstugan (18 km from Vallbo)  This is one of the area’s smaller mountain huts, and looks like a dream to anyone longing for experiences in the wilds. Anaris is the perfect place for the Epicurean who isn’t afraid to be alone. Besides fresh air and silence, you also find one of the county’s best fishing opportunities here.   

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Many people would agree on Vålådalen being the very heart of Swedish mountaineering. This is the start point for many of the country’s classic mountain routes; day tours as well as longer hikes, to mountain refugees, such as Stensdalen, Vålåstugorna, Lunndörren and Gåsen. For day tours, we recommend the beautiful hikes to Blanktjärn, Ottfjället, Pyramiderna and Kyrksten. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, Vålådalen offers challenges for everyone. Read more in Södra Årefjällens guide  (in Swedish) DAY TOURS 1-10 km Nipan (4 km go & return)  By the rest area Nipan you can enjoy a stunning view. This unique spot is situated high above the river Vålån and looks over Ottfjället, Rekdalen and Kyrksten. Start from the track center in Vålådalen and walk towards Lunndörrstugan, and turn right after the hanging bridge. After approximately 1 km you reach this windshield where you can take refugee and just enjoy the stillness, or do as the Swedes and reach out for your coffee thermos   Västra Storbäcken (3 km go & return) When its first tourist, Minister Thomas, came to Vålådalen, he supervised the construction of a few hunting cabins on Ottfjället. One of those cabins was later reformed to a windshield that is still standing on the same spot. Follow the track up the hill or start counter clockwise on the lighted (ski) trail for about 500 meters before you turn left onto the interval trail (Lappvägen). You will find the windshield after approx. 1 km by the road on your right-hand side Kläppen på Ottfjället (7 km t/r) (7 km go & return) By the end of Ottfjällsvägen, above the treeline, you find Kläppen. It is a small peak with stunning views over a grand part of the mountains of the county Jämtland. Follow the marked track from Vålådalens Fjällstation or start counter clockwise on the lighted (ski) trail for about 500 meters before you turn left onto the interval trail (Lappvägen), and follow that road to its end. Remember to bring a map to get guidance for your views! The map is called Z53 and is for sale in our shop.  Nulltjärn (8 km go & return) This route starts by the track center and coincides in the beginning with the trail towards Stensdalen, then follow the signs to Nulltjärn. It is an easy beautiful hike through birch forest. By the lake Nulltjärn you will find a windshield and a fire place. You can either take the same way back, or follow the ”10 km track” on the other side of the road back home. The map for this tour is Z53 and is for sale in our shop. DAY TOURS 10-20 km Blanktjärnsrundan (12 km round trip) This is a must and one of Vålådalens most classic hikes. The track takes you over the flowering ”Matskålsängarna”, over morasses, and through birch- and fir woods. Walking up the gravel kames you will be received by the crystal clear turquoise water of the lakes Blanktjärnarna. Beyond the tree tops you will glimpse the tree- line and the mountains. Along the way you will pass Nipan, a beautiful rest area with stunning views over the river Vålån. On this roundtrip, you can choose whether to walk clockwise or counter clock wise;, the track is very easy to follow both ways and you will return to the same spot by Vålådalens track center.  Ottfjällets peaks (12-15 km go & return) From Vålådalen you have a great possibility to climb any of the mountain Ottfjället’s peaks. There are different options to start the tour. Either, follow the marked track from Vålådalens Fjällstation, or start counter clockwise on the lighted (ski) trail, walking for about 500 meters before you turn left onto the interval trail (Lappvägen). There are tracks both to the East and the West peaks of Ottfjället, please remember to bring a map (possible to buy in our shop). To the highest top (1265 m.a.s.l.), which is the eastern peak, there is approx. 6 km, and to the lower western peak it is approx. 7 km. East Vålådalen/Vallbo (15-20 km go & return) Take the marked track or the interval trail (Lappvägen) towards Ottfjället and then follow the signs to Östra Vålådalen. The tour starts in birch forest, but soon you are above the tree line and may enjoy magnificent views walking along the hill. After a few kilometres you follow the signs and tracks downhill again, through the beautiful forest. Once you reach Östra Vålådalen you may take a nice break at Vålågarden and enjoy a typical waffle. There is a short cut from Östra Vålådalen back to Vålådalens Fjällstation, please ask the staff at Vålågården and they will show you. If you would like to continue to Vallbo, a must-see is the chapel Lappkapellet. It was built by Jon Jonsson, known as ”Lappkungen”.  Grönvallens Sameviste (14 km go & return) You find Grönvallen , a well preserved Sami home, in the forest between tree line and civilization. There are remains of huts and buildings, and there is a windshield to take a rest. This tour goes mostly on serpentine tracks through birch forest, and is a perfect option on a windy day.  Issjödalen och Pyramiderna (22 km t/r) (22 km go & return) From a geological perspective, this is one of the most interesting spots in the Swedish mountains. Here you will see remarkable traces of the ice age, including springs, erosion dales and pits. The ”Pyramids” are considered the most spectacular sight in this area. Perfectly formed by the erosions of the inland ice, these pyramids might remind you about Egypt. Please note that it is prohibited to climb the pyramids in order to keep them protected. You will follow the signs from the track center in Vålådalen and the tour takes you through the birch forest all the way to Issjödalen.  Kyrkstenen (from Vålådalen 20 km both ways, from Nulltjärn 12 km both ways) Kyrkstenen (the ”Churh Stone” is a peculiar and mythical rock emerging from the mountain Kyrkstensfjället. The legend tells about a Sami couple who went there to meet a military priest in order for him to baptize their son. This way, not only the child got his name, but also this special rock and the mountain got their names. According to the story, the child’s name was Fjällsten. The track goes through an easy terrain and not until the last 500 meters you reach out of the forest and the views open. If you wish to walk the longer version, you can start from Vålådalens Fjällstation and follow the signs to Nulltjärn. For a shorter hike, you take car or bike to Nulltärn and start the walk there. You can buy a map over the area in our shop.  Longer hikes Vålådalen is very popular as starting point for different mountain hikes. For more information "flerdagarsturer"

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Löpning höst


Vålådalens Fjällstation offers fantastic training opportunities and experiences for runners. We know about trail running and have chosen a great selection of our favourite routes for you. At Vålådalens Fjällstation different competitions, events and training camps are held. Our facilities include sports stadium, roller ski tracks, gym and indoor sports hall. We are happy to offer guided tours for groups, please talk to our sports department. After your training or tour you might enjoy a shower and a lighter meal or snacks, please talk to the staff in our Trail Café where you also can buy food and rent or buy some equipment. Below a list of some of the most popular trails:    Nulltjärnsrundan 8km:  A nice and easy trail through birch forest.   Bäverkroken 15km:  A forest trail with historical elements.   Blanktjärnsrundan 12,5km: The goal of this route is the magical emerald green forest lakes. Go for a swim and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains.   Ottfjällstoppen 10km: 660 altimeters that pay off with a magnificent view of the natural reserve’s mountains.    Issjödalen - Pyramiderna 32km: A long tour to the magical pyramids, the trail starts off through the forest towards Issjödalen where the bare mountain starts. Please note that it is prohibited to climb, bike or walk on the pyramids.    Download our Trail Running Brochure (Swedish).  VD-Trailrunning_6s_2017-high[1].pdf  

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Vålådalen has a full-sized sports hall with a handball court of international dimensions. There are also courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, floorball and a low climbing wall where you climb without equipment.   There is equipment for gymnastics and boxing, table tennis tables, etc. Footballs, volleyballs, basketballs etc. are available in the sports hall. Floorball sticks, table tennis racks, tennis- and badminton racks with balls are available at the reception.   This offers a great opportunity to sports groups to organize different types of fitness training. It is also possible to rent the hall for tournaments or training.   For conferences, meetings or celebrations with several hundred participants, we may easily transform the sports hall into a giant meeting or banquet hall.   Guests staying with us have free access to the indoor sports hall when it is not booked. The sports hall can be booked to an additional cost if you wish to organize your own activities. It is also possible to divide the hall in different parts. 

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