All tracks in Vålådalen are open and are prepared taking into account the weather and wind. The Årefjäll trail is expected to open during week 7.
The track center can be found at the mountain station's main building adjacent to our alpine slope.

Our tracks are open for skate and classic.

On the homepage långdspå you can get track status in real time.

The electric light trails 2.1-8.2 km. Illuminated between 06: 00-22: 00.
Lill-Sapporo 3.7 km
Sapporo 7.0 km
The interval track 5.0 km
Lake Placid 8.1 km
Lahti 10 km



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Practical information
Direction: All tracks have a counterclockwise direction, with the exception of the Nulltjärnsrundan.

Classic & Skate: Premiere tracks, Electric light tracks, Lake Placid, Interval track, Sapporo, Little Sapporo, Holmenkollen, Waffle tour, Lahti and Biathlon trail.

Classic: Nulltjärnsrundan, Fjällsvängen and Vallbo mile tracks. Easier preparation that takes place sporadically.

Sledges: If you pull mountain sledges for children or packing, go on the side of the tracks that are prepared for skating. Chariot sledges with skis can be used both in the classic track and on the skate section.

Dogs: Paired dogs are welcome in all our tracks.

Electric light trails and biathlon
2.1km 2.8km, 4.0km, 5.0km, 6.0km and 8.2km. A flat track in undulating terrain that even less experienced skiers can handle. The track runs in protected terrain and is nice even on windy days. Here you will also find our Biathlon course and Biathlon trail of 1.3km. Lighting every day at 06-09 and 15-22.



Sapporo 7.0km

Our toughest track, which the elite skiers like and drive with a smile on their face. Through mountain forest and on bare mountains, uphill and downhill, the track turns here and there, one curve worse than the other. If you venture around, you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the mountain world.

Lill Sapporo 3.7km

A light track that winds its way inside the Sapporo track. The same fantastic environment as at Sapporo, but with flat and relaxing traction. Fits everyone regardless of level. The track is advantageously reached via the lift and ends with a long downhill run on the Interval track down to the Elljusspåren.

Lahti 10 km (mile track)

Lahti is Mathias Fredriksson's favorite track. A tough start uphill, but then the trail waves nicely in the forest along the mountain side.

Lake Placid 8.1 km

If you want to pick altitude meters, choose Lake Placid, perhaps as an alternative to the Interval track when you go up to the Sapporo track. The trail goes through varied terrain of spruce forest and pine bogs. The height difference is 414 meters at 8 kilometers.

The interval track 5 km

The track is reached via Elljusspåren and runs on a long slope along Ottfjällsvägen, perfect for interval training, 2.5km uphill, 2.5km downhill. The trail is also a good alternative when going down from the mountain. Here you can also reach the two windbreaks that are located at Ottfjällsvägen, nice days, the upper is recommended for a break with fantastic views. The track is often and happily used by hikers on their way to or from the tops of Ottfjället.

Holmenkollen 17.8 km

A relatively flat track that largely follows the elevation curves around Vålåsen, through old-growth forest and over anthills. If you have your eyes open, it may very well be that you see wolverine or loose tracks. The track is suitable for both those who want to train before the Årefjäll race and those who want a nice day trip.

Årefjällsleden 55 km

Here you ride parts of the route used in the Årefjällsloppet VÅLÅDALEN. The Årefjäll race is the longest race in the long-distance world cup. The ambition is to prepare the track from week 7.