In Vålådalen it is easy to find nice camping spots for the shorter mountain tour. With smaller children it is more than enough to walk a few kilometres before you make your camp for the night. We reccommend to walk a shorter tour before you set up your camp, and then from there you can make smaller excursions with less to carry. In the evening, you can enjoy a camp fire, a hot drink, and the cozy sleeping bag. Kindly pay attention on where to make fire. 

We will be pleased to help you with tips for your tour. One important thing is to bring good equipment, and if you don’t have it, please be informed that you can rent most equipmet with us. Through our collaboration partner Rent a Plagg you can also rent clothes and other equipment for your hike. 

Some tips for the closest camping spots:

Nulltjärn: Many children have made their first camping tour to this lake. Walking it is 3 km from Vålådalens Fjällstation. You also have access with car to the lake. There is a windshield and an outhouse by the shore and the parking. You can also walk in either direction along the shore and find some more privacy. 

Ottfjället: Halfway up on Ottfjället there is a windshield next to a small cascade. Follow the trail towards Ottfjället’s peak. This place is just above the tree line and the panoramic views are magic, but also keep in mind that it can be windy. 

After one or two nights in the tent it is always nice to come back to the facilities by Vålådalens Fjällstation. Here you can enjoy a shower, the Sauna and the typical waffle buffet. In the trail café you can also delight an Italian coffee!