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Vålådalen is a paradise for the lovers of cross country skiing. Many professionals of the ski elite have, and have had, Vålådalen as their training base. We are very proud to sponsor Sweden’s new top skier Ebba Andersson. We are also happy to host other skiers like Oskar Svärd, Jenny Hansson and Mathias Fredriksson. Many ski clubs and teams place their training here, both on the winter season and during the snow free seasons. Below you can read more about our trails, and click on the links to see map and height curve.  Lighted trails: 2 km, 3 km, 4 km, 5 km or 7,5 km. A flat trail in beautiful terrain suitable also for beginners. The trail venue is located in a protected terrain and is usually nice also on windier days. Lightning is on every day 06 am - 11 am and 3 pm - 10 pm.  Sapporospåret 6,5 km + 3,5: Our toughest trail, a favourite by the elite. Through the mountain birch forest, uphill and downhill, the serpentine trail brings you through many curves and turns. The brave ones are rewarded with stunning mountain views.  Lill Sapporo: An easy serpentine trail within- and next to- the earlier described Sapporo trail. The trail offers the same fantastic surroundings as Sapporo, but with a flatter and more relaxed grooming. Suitable to everyone. We recommend to take the ski lift up to the start and then the trail will finish off with a long nice downhill trail on the interval tracks down to the lighted ski venue.  Lahtispåret 10 km: (milspåret) This is Mathias Fredriksson’s favourite trail. A tough start uphill, but then the trail goes in a wavy line in the forest along the mountain foot.  Lake Placidspåret 3 km: If you want to collect altimeters the trail Lake Placid is a good choice, maybe as an alternative to the Interval trail if you are heading for the trail Sapporo. This track has a varied terrain of fir forest and more open morass areas. The height difference is 120 m within 3 kilometres.  Intervallspåret 3 km: You reach this trail via the lighted tracks. The Interval trail is a long uphill trail, perfect for interval training. It is also a good choice if you are on your way down from the mountain. It connects to the trails Sapporo and Lake Placid. Along this trail you pass both of the windshields along Ottfjällsvägen. On clear days, we highly recommend the higher windshield for a break to enjoy the beautiful views. This trail is frequently used by those who are taking the tour to Ottfjället’s peaks.  Holmenkollenspåret 17,5 km: This is a relatively flat track that more or less follows the height curves around Vålåsen, through forests and morasses. Paying attention, you might see traces of wolverine and lynx. The trail is ideal for those training to Vasaloppet, and also to enjoy a very nice day tour.  Over view: A map overviewing Vålådalen’s ski trails.  Ski direction: All trails are run counter clockwise. Classic and Skate: All trails are prepared for both classic and skate cross country skiing. Dogs: No dogs are allowed on the lighted ski venue. Sledges: If you are carrying a sledge, please use the tracks that are prepared for skate. Chariot sledges can be used both on the classic- as well as on the skating tracks. 

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Längd genom båge


Straight ahead or curves in the slopes In Vålådalen you find skiing for almost everyone – from beginner to elite.  This is a peaceful place, never crowded, and there is no venue for the big After Ski party – but you will never get bored here!  We offer more than 50 km well prepared ski tracks; 7, 5 km lighted trails. Furthermore, there are many winter trails that you can take into the mountains – leaving stress and obligations behind.  For those who want to improve your skiing there are skilled elite skiers on spot who offer private sessions.  Vålådalen also offers two slopes for those of you who like slalom. The children can enjoy their own ski area with their own lift. You can book ski school for the children and private sessions for anyone.  For bookings, please contact [email protected]  or telephone +46 (0)647 353 00

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Nice loops in the pist! Vålådalen’s main alpine piste is 750 meters long and has a soft vertical drop of 150 m. A surface lift takes you up to the top of the slope that is suitable for long Carving loops, and welcomes both beginners and more experienced skiers who enjoy cruising. This slope is completely comparable to many of the downhill options in Sälen or Duved, but here it is easier to keep an eye on your children and keep the family together. Besides the groomed piste there is a slope for off-piste skiing. The beginners lift is an easy ski lift with just as an easy slope for those who never have been on skis before, no matter if you are 3 years old or 63. There is also a gated area which makes it easy to keep an eye on your children.  By the top of the longer ski lift there is a windshield with fire place and wonderful views overlooking Smällhögarna and Lunndörrsfjällen. It is really inviting to be sitting here, enjoying some snacks and maybe a winter barbeque. Our ski lift broke down during the Christmas Holidays and we are unsure when it will be functioning again. Priser Liftkort i Vålådalen Vill du prova på mer utmanande pister så är det nära till Trillevallen.

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Guided tours One day or a half day with one of our guides will help you to get the most and the best of your time here. This offers an opportunity to ask all your questions, and get tips on how to improve your skiing. And of course the guide will share his/her knowledge about the best and most beautiful spots in Vålådalen.     Top tour on Ottfjället With tour skis or randonné equipment we make our way up towards the peaks on Ottfjället. We will also enjoy the nice downhill slopes on the way back. We choose level, length and trails according to your wishes and the weather conditions.   Full day (6hours): 2000 SEK Half day (3 hours): 1200 SEK   Randonée, beginners course Are you keen on trying out mountain skiing? We will show you the basics about top touring with randonnée equipment.  Full day (6 hours): 2000 SEK Bivouac In case of harder weather conditions it can be necessary to take refugee waiting for the wind to ease. Our guides will give you instructions on how to create a bivouac and share tips with you in case of an emergency in the mountains.  Full day (6 hours): 2000 SEK   Guided tours in Vålådalen Vålådalen offers a lot to discover. Tours to the beautiful lake Nulltjärn, the river Vålån, or why not look for traces of animals in the forest… Together we choose a tour according to your wishes.  Full day (6 hours) 2000 SEK Half day (3 hours) 1200 SEK Tour to a hut Do you wish a good and safe start on your longer tour? Our guides will be pleased to join you on the first kilometres of your tour towards e.g. the huts of Lunndörren or Stensdalen. They will give you advice and will point out the most beautiful mountains and views. If you want guidance the whole way, of course that is also a possibility! Full day (6 hours): 2000 SEK Waffle tour to Östra Vålådalen With tour skis or randonnée equipment we take the trail to Östra Vålådalen where we may enjoy a typical waffle and something to drink. The tour includes pickup and return by car back to Vålådalen.  Half day (3 hours): 1200 SEK Tour with Barbeque Try out a typical Swedish winter activity! We bring hotdogs, and take our skis, snow shoes, or just walk, to a nice spot where we will make a fire and enjoy a ”winter barbeque”. The tour will of course be adapted to your wishes.  Half day (3 hours): 1200 SEK   SLAO Avalanche 0 Feel safer on your skis! We offer a course that gives you the theoretical knowledge about avalanches and how to avoid them. The course takes place indoors and has a duration around 2-3 hours. 1200 SEK. Tour under the stars On a clear night we take our skis and step into the nature. We take an easy pace and enjoy the quiet mountains under the stars. Bring a thermos with something warm to drink, warm clothes and a pelt or sleeping pad.    Ski school Improve your skiing! Take a private lesson – on your own or together with family or friends. We offer beginner- and higher levels of cross country skiing, slalom, and Telemark, as well as beginner courses in Snowboard.  Cross country ski school Alpine Ski school Half day (3 hours): 1200 SEK 400 SEK /hour Our guides  Vålådalen Fjällstation’s guides are trained according to the Swedish norms for mountain guides. The Swedish mountain training includes 16 parts, taking into account leadership and guidance. The course also includes orienteering, physical and mental performance, snow and avalanche lore, bivouac and emergency bivouac (winter and summer) etc. The guides are also trained ski- and Telemark instructors.    More info and reservations For further information and bookings, please contact us on +46 (0)647 353 00, or send an email to [email protected]  

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Naturum Vålådalen


For those of you who don’t want to ski but rather take a walk, we recommend to rent snow shoes from our Sports Department that you find next to our reception. Below we list some exciting alternatives to experience mystic and fun. A guided tour could also be arranged.  Nulltjärn (6 km both ways)  Follow the ploughed road from the gate at Fjällstationen. You can also borrow a ”spark” ( a typical sledge with skids). If the conditions are suitable, bring your ice skates for a tour on the lake. Vålån (1,5 km both ways)  Start by the track center by the gate to Fjällstationen. Once you have reached the river Vålån you can continue your walk on the scooter tracks.  Ottfjället – the windshield by Storbäcken (3 km go and return) or continue to Kläppen (7 km both ways) Follow either the road, or the scooter track parallel to the road, towards Undersåker. By ”Gunders Mosse”, turn left onto Ottfjällsvägen. The road will cross over the ski tracks, please be careful here, since it is not it is not allowed to walk on the ski trails. Follow the road up on the mountain, please don’t walk in the prepared ski tracks and kindly note that dogs must be on leash.  

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Vålådalens sporthall


Vålådalen has a full-sized sports hall with a handball court of international dimensions. There are also courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, floorball and a low climbing wall where you climb without equipment.   There is equipment for gymnastics and boxing, table tennis tables, etc. Footballs, volleyballs, basketballs etc. are available in the sports hall. Floorball sticks, table tennis racks, tennis- and badminton racks with balls are available at the reception.   This offers a great opportunity to sports groups to organize different types of fitness training. It is also possible to rent the hall for tournaments or training.   For conferences, meetings or celebrations with several hundred participants, we may easily transform the sports hall into a giant meeting or banquet hall.   Guests staying with us have free access to the indoor sports hall when it is not booked. The sports hall can be booked to an additional cost if you wish to organize your own activities. It is also possible to divide the hall in different parts. 

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