Overnight hikes

Vålådalen is very popular as starting point for different mountain hikes. Below you find a list of a few highly recommended options if you wish to both start and end your tour here. The distances refer in kilometres from Vålådalen to each mountain hut. 

Stensdalsstugan (14 km) Just by the mountain Lillstensdalsfjället’s characteristic “nose” we find one of the county’s most beautiful mountain huts. The hut is imbedded in the birch forest on 750 m.a.s.l. The river goes just outside the window, and the Sauna gives this place an extra cosy atmosphere. The hut has a total of 50 beds. The track to Stensdalen starts by the track center in Vålådalen and goes mainly through forest. The terrain is easy, the hilliest part is between km 10 and 12. From Stensdalen there are tracks towards Vålåstugorna and Gåsen. 

Vålåstugorna (20 km) On the mountains, on the other side of Vålåvalen you find the huts Vålåstugorna where you may enjoy an unbeatable view from the dinner table. The huts are located on 900 m.a.s.l. and offers 50 beds. The track to Vålåstugorna could be divided in two: The first part is easy through birch forest, after some 10 km you walk uphill during 2 km, and once you reached the treeline you may enjoy the remaining 10 km in open mountain landscape. At one point you will find one track exiting towards Stensdalen, while the left track continues in an easy terrain towards Vålåstugorna. From this spot you find trails continuing to Lunndörren, Helags and Gåsen. 

Lunndörrsstugan (14 km) The hut Lunndörrstugan is beautifully located by the northern entrance to the mountain passsage Lunndörrspasset. Besides the geological interest of this valley, the passage was also an important path during the Viking age. The little lake by the hut works as a spring and the Sauna is a delight for any frozen mountaineer. On this site, 804 m.a.s.l., 25 beds are offered. From Lunndörren there are trails to Vålåstugorna, Anarisstugan and Tossåsen, the village on the opposite side of Lunndörren. 

Anarisstugan (18 km from Vallbo)  This is one of the area’s smaller mountain huts, and looks like a dream to anyone longing for experiences in the wilds. Anaris is the perfect place for the Epicurean who isn’t afraid to be alone. Besides fresh air and silence, you also find one of the county’s best fishing opportunities here.