You find the adventure at the door step. In Vålådalen you have spectacular sights, serpentine mountain rivers, cascades, forest, and secret ravines around the corner. You can reach amazing places just within one or a few kilometres. 

Remember that the distances are not important when you take a day excursion with children. Pay attention to their curiosity and discover the areas that you are passing by. Do you meet any ”trolls”?

Some excursion-tips:

Nipan: Just a kilometer from Fjällstationen you find the windshield Nipan that offers a beautiful view over Stensdalen and an exciting steep down towards the river Vålån. On your way there you will pass the river on a fun hanging bridge. You can also find many nice places for playing along the river shore. 

Ottfjället: Peak tours are fun. Specially for the older children. On Ottfjället you have the possibility to take a shorter tour to a cascade and a windshield. Only here there are amazing views and it will be an adventure for the smaller kids. If you want to take a longer hike, you can continue to Kläppen. And if there is strength enough you can hike up to the eastern peak of the mountain. 360 degrees views and an extraordinary adventure.

Middagsvalen: In the near village Vallbo you can start the hike up on Middagsvalen. This is a short but adventurous hike that take you straight ahead and quite steep towards the tree line. You will reach beautiful views. On the way down you can choose a less steep alternative on the western side of the mountain.