Around Vålådalen there are great opportunities for fishing. Few activities are such restful and exciting at the same time, as fly fishing a late summer evening in the river Vålån. You might get a nice 1 kilo-trout or maybe you will see a beaver swim in the clear water. For the children, Mellandalstjärn and Hästskotjärn are two easy accessed lakes to try out. If you wish wide and open views, the lakes Midaftonssjöarna on Ottfjället are a good alternative. Don’t miss the classic option Storån, a famous river for its great number of graylings and trouts. But keep your things tight, bites can be huge!

If you want to discover almost invisible paths and escape the civilization for a couple of days, we recommend you to walk South from Vålådalen, where you will find the lakes in a beautiful chain one after the other; Östra Blanktjärnarna, Ångeltjärnarna, Stubbtjärn, Finnångeltjärnarna, and finally, by the foot of the mountains, Lunndörrstjärnarna. If you want to try out your luck in streaming waters, you can follow the river Lunndörrsån on your way back.

Kindly be advised that you can buy the mandatory Swedish fishing pass on Please keep in mind the rules to be followed in the natural reserve. Always bring your garbage with you. Don’t make fire without necessary security measures. Always keep a valid fishing pass with you. And we wish you good luck with your fishing!