Vålådalen is a paradise for the lovers of cross country skiing. Many professionals of the ski elite have, and have had, Vålådalen as their training base. We are very proud to sponsor Sweden’s new top skier Ebba Andersson. We are also happy to host other skiers like Oskar Svärd, Jenny Hansson and Mathias Fredriksson. Many ski clubs and teams place their training here, both on the winter season and during the snow free seasons. Below you can read more about our trails, and click on the links to see map and height curve. 

Lighted trails: 2 km, 3 km, 4 km, 5 km or 7,5 km. A flat trail in beautiful terrain suitable also for beginners. The trail venue is located in a protected terrain and is usually nice also on windier days. Lightning is on every day 06 am - 11 am and 3 pm - 10 pm. 

Sapporospåret 6,5 km + 3,5: Our toughest trail, a favourite by the elite. Through the mountain birch forest, uphill and downhill, the serpentine trail brings you through many curves and turns. The brave ones are rewarded with stunning mountain views. 

Lill Sapporo: An easy serpentine trail within- and next to- the earlier described Sapporo trail. The trail offers the same fantastic surroundings as Sapporo, but with a flatter and more relaxed grooming. Suitable to everyone. We recommend to take the ski lift up to the start and then the trail will finish off with a long nice downhill trail on the interval tracks down to the lighted ski venue. 

Lahtispåret 10 km: (milspåret) This is Mathias Fredriksson’s favourite trail. A tough start uphill, but then the trail goes in a wavy line in the forest along the mountain foot. 

Lake Placidspåret 3 km: If you want to collect altimeters the trail Lake Placid is a good choice, maybe as an alternative to the Interval trail if you are heading for the trail Sapporo. This track has a varied terrain of fir forest and more open morass areas. The height difference is 120 m within 3 kilometres. 

Intervallspåret 3 km: You reach this trail via the lighted tracks. The Interval trail is a long uphill trail, perfect for interval training. It is also a good choice if you are on your way down from the mountain. It connects to the trails Sapporo and Lake Placid. Along this trail you pass both of the windshields along Ottfjällsvägen. On clear days, we highly recommend the higher windshield for a break to enjoy the beautiful views. This trail is frequently used by those who are taking the tour to Ottfjället’s peaks. 

Holmenkollenspåret 17,5 km: This is a relatively flat track that more or less follows the height curves around Vålåsen, through forests and morasses. Paying attention, you might see traces of wolverine and lynx. The trail is ideal for those training to Vasaloppet, and also to enjoy a very nice day tour. 

Over view: A map overviewing Vålådalen’s ski trails. 

Ski direction: All trails are run counter clockwise. 
Classic and Skate: All trails are prepared for both classic and skate cross country skiing. 
Dogs: No dogs are allowed on the lighted ski venue. 
Sledges: If you are carrying a sledge, please use the tracks that are prepared for skate. Chariot sledges can be used both on the classic- as well as on the skating tracks.