Nice loops in the pist!

Vålådalen’s main alpine piste is 750 meters long and has a soft vertical drop of 150 m. A surface lift takes you up to the top of the slope that is suitable for long Carving loops, and welcomes both beginners and more experienced skiers who enjoy cruising. This slope is completely comparable to many of the downhill options in Sälen or Duved, but here it is easier to keep an eye on your children and keep the family together. Besides the groomed piste there is a slope for off-piste skiing.
The beginners lift is an easy ski lift with just as an easy slope for those who never have been on skis before, no matter if you are 3 years old or 63. There is also a gated area which makes it easy to keep an eye on your children. 
By the top of the longer ski lift there is a windshield with fire place and wonderful views overlooking Smällhögarna and Lunndörrsfjällen. It is really inviting to be sitting here, enjoying some snacks and maybe a winter barbeque.

Our ski lift broke down during the Christmas Holidays and we are unsure when it will be functioning again.

Priser Liftkort i Vålådalen

Vill du prova på mer utmanande pister så är det nära till Trillevallen.